Single vision. Readers. Bifocal. Free-form digital progressive lenses. Transition. Anti-reflective coating. Recharge. BluTech. Oh my! Our opticians are here to walk you through the various styles and coatings to ensure your custom spectacles meet your everyday needs.

Once you have selected your frame our optician will take a photo of you using an iPad® and leading technology, the Optikam. The Optikam is a device that allows us to conveniently measure the frame to your face and the lens to the frame for your natural line of sight. From one picture it measures important aspects: the pantoscopic tilt of the frame, various points for the lens size, your monocular pupillary distance, your vertex distance, among other details. This feature of Camden Eyeware allows you to sit for one photo and not numerous measurements like in the past.

Once we have compiled all measurements from your selected frame and warranty-covered lens, we place an order for your lens. Once the lens arrives, we take the measurements we obtained previously and personally cut your unique lens to fit your frame.

In most cases, we will get you seeing fresh within one week! Once your glasses are ready, we will schedule you back in to see us for one final fitting and dispense your glasses. If you need us after the final fitting we are here! We offer adjustments and repairs at no charge.