Whether you were working on your car and a piece of rust fell and landed on your eye* or you were relaxing at the beach and the wind carried a piece of sand under your sunglasses, a foreign object in your eye is uncomfortable. Whatever you do, do not rub or pick at your eye! Call us. Rubbing your already irritated eye can leave abrasions on your eye making matters even worse.

Removing the foreign object can be a white-knuckle experience for some. Here is what you can expect:

  • An initial assessment will be completed by the doctor.
  • He may use various drops to dye and numb the eye.
  • Your upper eyelid may be flipped up and your lower lid gently pulled down.
  • Once the foreign object has been located the doctor may use forceps or a cotton swab to delicately and precisely remove the object.
  • If any residue, such as rust, remains he may use a high frequency instrument to clean it.
  • Your eye will be washed with saline.
  • The doctor may put on a bandage, such as a contact lens, to protect the area while it heals.
  • To aid in a healthy heal, your doctor will prescribe drops to help eliminate infection. He will also request you return in a few days for a progress check.

*Where was your protective eyeware?